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Professor Goran Nikolic
University of Montenegro
Clinical Center Montenegro
Academy of Science and Arts Montenegro

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Original Scientific Article Abstract in English, Article in Montenegrin

Inflammation in pathogenesis of abdominal aortic aneurysm

Janja Raonić, Vesna Lačković, Božina Radević, Nikola Fatić, Nemanja Radojević

Medical Journal of Montenegro 2015;3(4):6-12 doi:10.5937/cma3-9713

Profesional Article Abstract in English, Article in Montenegrin

The influences of antipsychotics therapy at cognitive impairments in schizophrenia spectrum disorders

Jovo Đedović

Medical Journal of Montenegro 2015;3(4):13-17 doi:10.5937/cma2-8343

Professional article Abstract in English, Article in Montenegrin

Impact of atrial fibrillation on the prognosis of patients with ischemic stroke

Mirha Hasanbegović

Medical Journal of Montenegro 2015;3(4):18-20 doi:10.5937/cma3-9674

Professional article Article in English

The importance of oral health behavior of children for their oral health

Ivana Andjelić, Snezana Matijević, Jasminka Andjelić

Medical Journal of Montenegro 2015;3(4):21-26 doi:10.5937/cma2-8362

Professional article Article in English

Low dose CT in detection of lung cancer –preliminary raport

Dijana Račeta-Mašić, Goran Nikolić

Medical Journal of Montenegro 2015;3(4):27-30 doi:10.5937/cma3-9686

Professional article Abstract in English, Article in Montenegrin

Prevalence and determinants of tobacco use among youth

Maja Raičević

Medical Journal of Montenegro 2015;3(4):31-34 doi:10.5937/cma2-9231

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